For Sale By OwnerRealtor
RepairsYesYesNo Repairs!
InspectionsYesYesNo Inspections!
House Showings Yes Yes No Showings!
Termite reporting UsuallyYesNo Termite Reporting!
Clean-up Usually YesNo Clean-up!
Yard "For Sale Sign"Usually YesNo Signs!
Appraisal neededUsuallyAlways with loansNo Appraisal!
Marketing Time4.5+ months average3+ months averageNo Marketing Time!
Commission3% (buyer's realtor)6%No Commission!
Closing CostsYou pay You pay No Closing Costs!
FundingUsually a loanUsually a loan$ CASH NOW $

We Pay All Cash

Because we pay cash, we can be flexible and close on your time frame. We don’t need to wait for an appraisal or lender approvals.


Easy & Clear Terms

We make this a simple, straight forward and easy to understand process for you.


We Do the Paperwork

We use a licensed and insured title company and we will make sure the details are taken care of, so you don’t have to.


Zero Fees

You won’t have to pay any title or closing costs.


Sell "As-Is"

You won’t have to fix or clean anything! We will buy your home the way it is.


Close in Days

We can close in as little as 3 days.