When searching for a property to lease, there are a lot of reasons to partner with Real Estate Knowledge LLC. It is not just the home that you will be renting, but the landlord, maintenance, accounting, and more. Real Estate Knowledge LLC is a full service management company that believes that quality service and attention to detail keeps our customers happy. We know that there are a lot of properties on the market for lease and it takes exceptional service to keep you.


Washer and Dryer


Gift Basket


Complementary 32″ Television
(min 24 month Lease Contract)


Complementary Gift Cards
(Of your choice of merchant from our list)

1 Year Lease – $100 Gift Card

2 Year Lease – $200 Gift Card

3 Year Lease – $300 Gift Card

4 Year Lease – $400 Gift Card

5 Year Lease – $500 Gift Card

6 Year Lease – $600 Gift Card

7 Year Lease – $700 Gift Card

8 Year Lease – $800 Gift Card

9 Year Lease – $900 Gift Card

10Year Lease – $1000 Gift Card

  • We hold all necessary credentials and meet all real estate guidelines. We focus on residential homes and multi-family units that are maintained to the highest standards.
  • We offer fast, efficient and caring service, both during the application process and after you move in. Once you move in, we are your path to have the best leasing experience possible.
  • We have not forgotten what “service” means. Talk to a live person, email us or find your selection using our online availability. We are here for you!
  • We go to great lengths to make sure all of our homes and multi-family units are described and pictured exactly as they will be at your arrival.
  • We have unmatched knowledge of the rentals and the multi-family units and can advise and suggest both the property and the experience that will fit your particular needs.
  • We offer office hours Monday through Sunday, 9-5, and have an emergency “on call” property manager 24 hours a day for your convenience.
  • We offer quick response to problems, questions, lock outs and emergencies. Together with our maintenance staff we prepare and inspect the property for your enjoyment.
  • Last but not least, WE CARE. We really do want you to have an enjoyable memory filled experience and hope that you will be part of our rental family!

We know the difficulties that can be faced in finding the right property. Just like the buyers seeking assistance from our Sales team, you are looking for a home that meets your family’s needs, is priced within your budget, and is in the right location.

Our aim is for you to have a worry-free tenancy. Please fill out the form, and we will get back with the right choices for you.

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